The 3 Biggest Takeaways from the ACC Spring Meetings


Remember when of the ACC Meetings were spent talking realignment and whether the ACC would ever get a network? That was a long time ago. It’s pretty positive these days. What were 3 biggest takeaways from the ACC Spring Meetings? Quotes taken are from the Orlando Sentinel report of the Spring Meetings.

1) The ACC Network is expected to launch on time. 

“We continue to have absolute complete assurances from [ESPN president] John Skipper directly and ESPN in terms of everything being full blast . . . in terms of the channel,” Swofford said Thursday at the conclusion of the ACC’s spring meetings.

He said league leaders spent a considerable amount of time this week meeting with network personnel to discuss various aspects of the ACC Network set to launch in two years.

“Everything is completely on schedule with that,” Swofford said.

There shouldn’t be any concern that the network won’t launch on time currently.

2) ACC Success in Football and Basketball. 

“I think that’s something that’s been building over the last three or four years,” he said on football’s recent run of success.

If you’ve been reading this blog, we’ve been detailing the ACC’s gradual improvement in football for several years. It’s culminated in the 2016 where the ACC was without doubt the best football conference in the land. I don’t expect that be sustainable year after year. There is just too much competition across the country, but the ACC won’t again sink to the struggles of most BCS area. The conference is equipped to be a major football player for years to come. Basketball is dominanting the national landscape with record setting NCAA tournaments in 2015 and 2016, and national champions in 2015 (Duke) and 2017 (UNC).

3) Notre Dame not joining the ACC in football

Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick says there is no truth to the rumor the school is in talks with ACC about becoming a full-time member in football.

“Absolutely not true,” Swarbrick said Tuesday during the ACC spring meetings. “We love the ACC but we love our relationship the way it is and there hasn’t been any discussion.”

Seems the recent Tim Brando comments were enough to catch the eye of Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick’s and try and squelch some rumors. Look Notre Dame isn’t going to give up that football independence easily. They’ve built their out-dated identity on it. To each his own though… I believe Notre Dame will one day be full member of the ACC, but until some stronger reports come out, we are still some years away from it. The ACC doesn’t need Notre Dame to join in the way they once did. ACC football can stand on it’s own.

The current relationship is working fine for both parties.

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