Around the #ACC Blogosphere For May 18, 2017


What are the ACC Bloggers looking at this week? Let’s find out.

You know who is a fan of Clemson’s Deshaun Watson? Clemson blog RubbingtheRock tells us it’s none other future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers. That’s high praise!

Syracuse blog NunesMagician asks what would be the flavor of the future ACC Network? Just read the article to see what they mean.

Florida State blog ChopChat has an interesting article out. Who are Florida State’s best football players ever recruited out of the SouthEast? They also hit several other areas of the county in some other posts.

The North Carolina Tar Heels recently won the college basketball national title. What’s the weirdest national title memorabilia out there?

Notre Dame was rumored to join to the ACC recently. Anyone who follows Notre Dame knows football wise they aren’t giving their independence up that easily. Irish blog SlaptheSign seems pretty pleased the rumors aren’t true.  Read the article, and let’s be honest the Irish aren’t that special anymore. They are a big draw still, but this isn’t 1988.

I guess we see why Louisville’s Donovan Mitchell turned pro. Louisville blog CardChronicle has several projected mock draft locations for him, and he looks like a first rounder.

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