ESPN killing the last of its journalistic credibility with layoffs.


You probably know by now that ESPN absolutely gutted it’s journalistic talent base Wednesday. @awfulannouncing has a complete list of everyone let go.  There are too many names to give our thoughts on all the people that were laid off. I’ll talk about about a few in detail in a moment.

I understand it’s a business for ESPN. My podcast partner @Hokiesmash_ASD had this to say  “I wonder if they are sacrificing people – talent – for profits – or if they are getting impacted by people cutting the cord”.

It’s both actually. ESPN still makes money, but it’s profit margins are shrinking due to subscribers losses. That ESPN pays Stephen A. Smith over $3 Million is all you need to know. Skip Bayless made millions at ESPN before jumping to FS1. Don’t think Fox is any better though. They pay Skip Bayless an astonishing $5.5 Million. They also employ Clay Travis. There is a reason I don’t watch non-live sporting events on Fox.

As ESPN goes more and more to this format, the less I will watch non-live sporting events on that channel too.

I guess I’m in the minority though. I want to watch sports news reported on by knowledgeable journalists. I’m all for the journalists having opinion of their own and sharing them, but I don’t want to watch hour long shows of mis-informed hot takes with a nonsensical debate format.

Here are some of the people that were let go that I have some thoughts about.

Brett McMurphy – During the realignment era, he was the voice of reason. With all the rumors that ran around at that time, if McMurphy didn’t verify it, then it wasn’t true. He was as good a college football insider as ESPN had.

Danny Kanell – I though for sure when the ACC Network launched, Kanell would be one of the on air personalities. He gave ACC football voice years before anyone else did. He was a refreshing counter to the many SECcentic football media members at ESPN.

Len Elmore – I always enjoyed listening to Len Elmore call a college basketball game. He knew the game, and called it evenly. He was a Maryland guy from the Terps ACC days, and was great especially when he did ACC games, because he knew the conference so well.

Josh Parcell – This one hit a little closer to home. Listeners to our  ( @Hokiesmash_ASD and my (@TalkinACCSports )  ACC podcast should know Josh Parcell’s name. As his career grew in Sport’s Television and at ESPN, he still always graciously made time to talk with us when asked.

We hate it for everyone affected at ESPN, and wish them the best.

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