The 3 Best Major OOC Sports Moments of last 5 years for Florida State, Boston College, and Notre Dame


Recently we had an article discussing how the ACC was in the midst of a golden age for it’s major sports.  That piece got me thinking in those major sports – football, baseball, basketball (men’s and women’s) what were the 3 biggest moments for each ACC school the last 5 years? We’re going to to take three ACC Schools at time, as we go through all 14 including Notre Dame.

I’m going to stay away  from in-conference moments, because I think it’s what you do OOC that enhances your teams and conference national perception, and we’re only going to include accomplishments since a school was a member of the ACC. We’ll look at Florida State, Boston College, and Notre Dame in this article.

Best Major Sports Moments of last 5 years.

Georgia Tech, Virginia, UNC | Duke, Pittsburgh, Miami | Syracuse, Clemson, and Virginia Tech | Wake Forest, Louisville, and NC State

Florida State

1. #1 Florida State 34 #2 Auburn 31 – January 6, 2014

This Seminole team was the SEC National Championship streak stopper that ended at 7. It also marked the end of SEC’s dominance over college football, and gave the ACC it’s first national championship in football in over 10 years. This Florida State team was a transcendent group, that achieved greatness.

2.  Jamies Winston wins Heisman Trophy

Not only did QB Jamies Winston lead Florida State to the 2013 National Championship, he was the best player in college football. He was the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner.

3. #11 Florida State 33 #6 Michigan 32 – December 30, 2016

This was one the biggest wins of the ACC great 2016 bowl season. Florida State beat a very good Michigan team in the Orange Bowl to prove the Noles were still among the nation’s very best football programs.

Boston College

1. Boston College 37 #9 USC 31 – September 13, 2014 

People have forgotten what an impressive win this was for Boston College. The Pac 12 was considered the best or second best conference in college football in 2014, and this USC team finished 9-4 and in the top 25. They entered this game in the top 10, and Boston College ran for a whopping 452 yards in the 37-31 win. Boston College QB Tyler Murphy was unstoppable in this one.

2. Baseball Super Regionals 2016

It was a historic NCAA baseball tournament for the 2016 Boston College Eagles. This BC team became the first Boston College one ever to make the baseball’s super regionals.

3. Quick Lane Bowl win 2016

The last of the ACC’s 9 bowl wins in 2016 on this list was Boston College’s 36-30 win over Maryland. The Eagles had a 4 win improvement from the 2015 season where they only 3 games.

Notre Dame

1. Elite 8 2015

Notre Dame played a huge role in the ACC’s monster 2015 and 2016 NCAA tournaments. Notre Dame nearly beat a 2015 Kentucky team many thought unbeatable, and fell just short of the Final 4.

2. Elite 8 2016

2016 was the 2nd of back to back elite 8 seasons for the Notre Dame basketball program. This time North Carolina was the team to knock out the Irish in the Elite 8.

3.  National Championship Game Women’s Basketball 2014

The Notre Dame women went 37-1 in 2014, and reached the National Title Game in women’s basketball. They lost to UCONN in the finals, but who wasn’t losing to UCONN from 2012-2017?

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