Podcast – @Hokiesmash_ASD and @Sportsbroad discuss Title IX issues with @KimberlyArchie


@Hokiesmash_ASD tackles Title IX issues in collegiate athletics in this podcast. I was in Greenville, SC for the NCAA Tournament, so @sportsbroad  of houtyandopinionated.com graciously filled in to co-host with @Hokiesmash_ASD. They are joined by Social Justice Activist and Filmmaker @kimberlyarchie to discuss this topic. We appreciate @kimberlyarchie taking the time to join the podcast.

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In this order, these are topics we covered on the podcast. It’s episode 185 on the dropdown list

@kimberlyarchie  tells us about herself

Baylor and Title IX

Are other schools handling Title IX as Baylor did? 

Brock Turner – Stanford

Who is doing a good job with Title IX issues?

How can institutions do a better job with Title IX issues?

Open Mic for  @kimberlyarchie

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