Where the ACC Teams will be seeded for the NCAA Tournament.


We pull the RPI numbes from CBS Sportsline. 

(9) Duke (27-8) – Projected Seed 1

I know Duke has 8 losses, and the committee is supposed to ignore conference finish. They have a whopping 16 top 100 wins. I think the committee gives them the #1 seed nod over UNC because of winning 2 out 3 head to head.

(4) North Carolina (27-7) – Projected Seed 2

UNC was a #1 seed heading into the ACC Tournament, and probably would have stayed there without Duke’s slightly improbable run. The committee could flip-flip them. It’s going to be close.

(7) Louisville (24-8)  – Projected Seed 3

Louisville lost to the eventual ACC Champion Duke. They don’t have a loss outside the top 40.

(13) Florida State (25-8) – Projected Seed 4

A 4-4 finish probably keeps Florida State from higher than a 4 seed.

(21) Notre Dame (25-9)- Projected Seed 4

Notre Dame got to the finals of the ACC Tournament, and just 1 loss outside the top 20.

(18) Virginia (22-10) – Projected Seed 6

Virginia went 4-5 in their last 9 games. They could get a 5 seed, but I think they’ll end up at 6.

(46) Virginia Tech (22-10) – Projected Seed 8

Virginia Tech’s profile screams 8-9 team. If they win their opening game, they’ll give some #1 seed fits.

(42) Miami (21-11)  – Projected Seed 9

Miami looks awfully similar to Virginia Tech.

(39) Wake Forest (19-13)  – Projected Seed 11

Wake Forest fought their way into the Big Dance on the strength of a strong finish. They’ll be headed to Dayton, but they’re in.

(85) Syracuse (18-14)  – Out

I don’t think Syracuse is going to make it. There are horrible losses to St. Johns and Boston College. There is also the 14 losses and the 2-5 finish. If they make it, they are the last team in.

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