@DavidTeelatDP with an update on ACC Network, and future ACC Tournament and Football scheduling.


The esteemed @DavidTeelatDP wrote a recent article with some updated on the ACC Network, and future ACC Tournament and Football scheduling. When @DavidTeelatDP writes on ACC related topics, it is always worth the read. Here are a couple of highlights from the piece.

On future ACC Tournament Locations

“I think it’s important for the league going forward to continue to have some rotation that touches the entire footprint to some degree,” Swofford said during a one-on-one interview Tuesday as the tournament debuted at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. “And by that I’m talking about the southern part, the Mid-Atlantic and the northeast part, because we’re a league now that runs the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Early scheduling on ACC Network

“You want to have a quality launch, and certainly games that are appealing are really important,” Swofford said, without offering details. “And not only in that particular year. … We are spending a lot of time talking about scheduling. …

Revenue Projections of ACC Network

We don’t talk about numbers out of the conference office,” Swofford said with a laugh. “Obviously both ESPN and the ACC wouldn’t be taking this path if we didn’t feel it would be successful.”

Take the time to read the whole article.

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