8 of the top 12 Rated College Basketball games featured an ACC Team.


It’s the ACC Tournament week, and Duke and North Carolina are meeting again – this time in the Friday semi-finals. That means a ratings bonanza for ESPN. Duke/UNC games were two of the four highest rated college basketball games this season, but it would have been big rating if UNC/Louisville were playing tomorrow too.

Pulled from SportsMediaWatch, 8 of the top 12 rated regular season college basketball games featured an ACC team.  Five games were purely ACC vs ACC matchups. No other conference had more than two intra-conference games on the list. Duke led all teams with 5 appearances on this list. UNC was tied with Kentucky with 4. Louisville was on the list 3 times.

Through March 6
Ranked by viewership
# Game Net Rtg. Vwrs.
1 Duke-UNC
March 4
ESPN 2.4 4.06M
2 Kentucky-UNC
December 17
CBS 2.2 3.62M
3 Kentucky-Kansas
January 28
ESPN 2.0 3.35M
4 UNC-Duke
February 9
ESPN 1.8 3.08M
5 Wisconsin-Purdue
January 8
CBS 1.9 2.97M
6 Kentucky-Louisville
December 21
ESPN 1.7 2.72M
7 Mich. St.-Ohio St.
January 15
CBS 1.5 2.363M
8 Kansas-Duke
November 15
ESPN 1.5 2.361M
9 Florida-Kentucky
February 25
CBS 1.5 2.31M
10 Duke-Miami
February 25
CBS 1.5 2.20M
11 Louisville/UNC
February 22
ESPN 1.4 2.13M
12 Duke/Louisville
January 14
ESPN 1.4 2.09M

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