ESPN hits Homerun by putting Syracuse vs Duke and Louisville vs UNC on same night.


We often criticize for ESPN for seeming biased coverage, perceived scheduling slights, and more. It’s kind of a thing now to rip ESPN, and they probably deserve at least some it. Wednesday night for the ACC ESPN hit a scheduling home run, that was good for ESPN, good for the ACC, and especially good for the teams involved and their fans.

On Wednesday ESPN had a back to back basketball schedule of Syracuse vs Duke at 7 PM Eastern, and then Louisville vs North Carolina at 9 PM Eastern. That’s 4 Hall of Fame Coaches, 4 name brand basketball programs, and all 4 NCAA caliber teams playing on ESPN’s primary channel ESPN.

The games have been hyped all week, and the 1st one was a classic 78-75 win for Syracuse. UNC and Louisville is always worth the prices of admission.

This has been a showcase for those 4 teams, but during the telecasts the talk has been all ACC. That’s exactly what John Swofford wants to see.

Rating were also very good.

I think this is something ESPN can build on. Can you see a late February Saturday with 4 ACC games starting at noon and going all day on ESPN? How would this be a for day? Notre Dame vs FSU at Noon,  Virginia vs Virginia Tech at 3, then Syracuse vs Duke at 6, then Louisville vs UNC at 9 for example.

You may see more of this in the future for ESPN, where ACC teams are featured in a manner that creates the most national interest like on Wednesday night.

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