@DavidTeelatDP reports on ACC Network and potential revenue numbers look very good.


As has been the case during the whole ACC Network development process, news comes out in bits and pieces but usually in flurries. News has been coming the last 2 weeks.

The ACC’s most tied in writer @DavidTeelatDP has some news on the ACC Network’s potential revenue numbers, and the projections should make the ACC and it’s fans feel very good.

Here is Teel’s latest piece. 

 Florida State athletic director Stan Wilcox told FSU’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday that the conference hopes for $8-10 million more per school in the network’s first year, $15-20 million more thereafter. This according to the Noles247 website.

And from that Noles247 site…

Florida State athletics director Stan Wilcox said the ACC’s revised television deal will deliver an increased payout of $3 million in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

So as it was once speculated, the ACC will receive a increase payout prior to the network being launched. When you are talking projections there is the possibility to inflate numbers. That’s why they are projections, but these numbers are very encouraging. The ACC appears to be very well positioned for the future.

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