Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball With a Complete Lack of Focus at Miami




Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans.

Just a quick post here – I really did think Virginia Tech was going to win tonight at Miami – VT was leading most of the 1st half – and then had a meltdown for a minute before the 1st half was over (and was only down 6).

Here’s the deal, though – Virginia Tech had 15 turnovers tonight.  This is ACC game eleven.  How in the world does this happen?  Where is the focus?


The Hokies should not have 15 turnovers – again – this is ACC game eleven. There is experience on this team to limit those kinds of mistakes. Placing a value on those things that you can control, like turnovers, is really important. It’s one thing if it’s the beginning of the season – and you’re working the kinks out. It’s completely another to have this happen in ACC game eleven.

Big game vs. UVA on Sunday.

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