One-Third of Paul Finebaum poll voters apparently didn’t watch the national title game.


This is the poll that SEC Media Member Paul Finebaum put out to his twitter followers. Before I opened it I expected maybe a small delusional percentage, possibly 5% to actually say Alabama was better than Clemson even after the Tigers outscored 35-17, after spotting the Tide a 14-0 lead.  To my shock – at the time of posting this 31% of the Finebaum voters think Alabama was the better team.

I think we can safely say most Finebaum voters are Alabama fans, or fans of an SEC team. Paul Finebaum covers the SEC, so those are the fanbases that he appeals to. All I can say, is apparently the nearly one-third of voters didn’t watch the national championship game. That’s the only explanation. When Team A beats Team B, and their records are identical, Team A is the better team. Here’s what these voters may not want admit, but Clemson beat Alabama without their best game.

The Tigers were rattled early and off their game at the outset. They feel behind by double digits :  14-0, 17-7, and 24-14 on 3 different occasions. When Clemson played closer to their best in the 4th quarter, Alabama’s dominanting defense look helpless.

From the 10 minute mark in the 2nd quarter to end of the game, I have to reiterate for our fine friends who didn’t catch the game, it was Clemson 35-17. Alabama was a very good team, but they were not better than Clemson in 2016… period.

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