NC State’s so called AD “problem” shouldn’t be one.


I am an NC State fan. I will not hide it, so I understand that my views are colored through this fact. In my fandom I have made a lot of comments in frustration. I have called for the head of the football coach, probably to soon, and I have thrown my hands up in disgust at the Wolfpack basketball team in frustration along with a LOT of Wolfpack fans. However, this post has more to do with what the North Carolina State University Administration is doing in terms of it’s revenue sports.

If you listened to what Stephen Schramm of the Fayetteville Observer told Matthew and Jeff on the All Sports Discussion ACC podcast you heard what most of the plugged in people have been saying. Mr. Schramm, and others are of the opinion that due to Dr. Debbie Yow’s contract being up in July of 2019 that Mark Gottfried was in no trouble of being fired. As I heard this I almost drove off of the side of the road. So, if Mr. Schramm’s sentiment is correct, and from everything that has been written and stated in local media it is, that means no matter what Coach Gottfried does he is going to be safe through 2018-2019. I’m sorry, I find this outrageous! I don’t understand this sentiment at all.

The reasoning behind this thought process is that with Dr. Yow retiring, they do not want to hamstring the new Athletic Director with coaches that he or she did not hire. That the new AD should be in charge of making new hires on their own and bring in new coaches. However, if you think about this, IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

If the coach is winning it does not matter who the Athletic Director is, the coach isn’t going anywhere. The University of Alabama’s AD Bill Battle is set to retire effective March 1, 2017 and will be replaced by Greg Byrne who is currently Vice President for Athletics at the University of Arizona. Does anyone think that Mr. Byrne is going to fire Nick Saban? Or do you think he’s going to fire Avery Johnson who was just hired in 2015? Do you think that Mr. Bryne was consulted by Mr. Battle in hiring Avery Johnson?

Of course the answer to all of these is no. So the excuse that is being circulated by everyone is either wrong or it is misguided. And if Dr. Yow does not want to go through a coaching search before she retires in July of 2019 do the fan base a favor and leave now.

If you are really not interested in conducting a coaching search with 2 years remaining on your contract, then you shouldn’t be in the job and you should do everyone a favor and step aside. If you are willing to conduct a coaching search, and what everyone in the media thinks is incorrect, the results of the last 2 years of the basketball program under Mark Gottfried  speak for themselves.

Now, Coach Gottfried has a chance to turn around the season, and make the NCAA Tournament. However if he doesn’t and it’ll be the second straight year that the Wolfpack will be out of the tournament, the coaches job should be in trouble and hiding behind the excuse that the AD is retiring in 2 years is NOT a valid excuse for keeping him around

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