Remembering Brent Musburger as he calls it a career.


So, today is the day that ESPN has announced that Brent Musburger will no longer be calling games for the company. I must say, this is a blow to me. We all have a few announcers that paved the way for sports to come into our lives. Those announcers for me were Brent Musburger, Keith Jackson, Mike Lange (Penguins announcer who I believe is the best), Dick Enberg, and Bill Hillgrove.

Now, the first 2 are pretty obvious for those college football fans. You knew that when you heard the voice of Keith Jackson, you knew you were watching a big game. His catch phrase of “Whoa Nelly!” You understood that a big play just happened. Then there is the incomparable Brent Musburger.

The younger generation will only remember flap that occurred when during the National Championship game when Musburger kept referring to Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. Or, this past season when Musburger said he rooted for Joe Mixon a second chance after the brutal video that was released.

I will remember Brent Musburger for being a GREAT, I’ll say it again, A GREAT, play-by-play guy. His catch phrase “YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE!” will forever be one of the best ways to bring a television audience into a sporting event. Brent Musburger and Keith Jackson brought me into college football and for that I will always be thankful.

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