3 Reasons Clemson will beat Alabama.


Some people are calling this year’s Alabama team Nick Saban’s best, but don’t worry Clemson fans I’m going to give you three reasons why the Tigers will beat Alabama.

1) Deshaun Watson 

Jalen Hurts is going to win a national title at Alabama, but in this game the difference between Hurts and Watson is an enormous gap. Watson has been the country’s best most consistent quarterback the last 2 months. He’s been in this game before and he has no fear of the Tide. If you watched the Ohio State, you would have noticed how quickly Watson made decisions. Quick throws, and the ability to run are QB qualities the Alabama defense has rarely seen this year.

Hurts is a good QB whose best football is ahead of him, but he’s not a good deep passer. He threw for under 200 yards in 6 of his last 8 games. His strength is in his legs. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t think Clemson doesn’t have a big advantage at the most important position on the field.

2) Clemson’s offense is better than Alabama’s offense

We touched on this with Hurts, the Tide don’t have the deep threat passing game they’ve had in the past. Bo Scarbrough and Damien Harris are really good RB’s but they aren’t Derrick Henry. Clemson has weapons at every level of the offense. They have Watson at QB, Mike Williams at WR (who didn’t play in last year’s game), and a slew offense playmakers that is nothing like Alabama has seen this year. Alabama’s defense is the best Clemson has seen this year, but Clemson’s offense by a considerable margin is the best Alabama has seen this year.

3) Clemson’s front 4 on defense. 

The only  defense’s Alabama has played this year, that can come close to matching the Tigers front 4 is LSU. Those Tigers held Alabama to 10 points, and for most of the game controlled the Alabama offense. Clemson’s front 4 is more talented and and deeper than that LSU unit. If Clemson can take away the Tide run, where to does Alabama go? Their play action pass won’t be as effective as last year.

The Tigers destroyed Ohio State upfront, in a way few thought possible.

When it comes down to it, you can see a theme here. It’s Alabama’s offense that’s going to have to find a way to keep up with Clemson’s offense. The Tide’s defense may be able to slow Clemson’s offense, but they won’t shut it down.

Don’t worry Alabama fans… later I’m going to give you 3 reasons why you’ll beat Clemson.

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  1. Earl McClary says:

    Clemson is probably the only team in the nation that can say they have played a tougher schedule than Alabama. How is that, Clemson plays in the ACC coastal division and the ACC Coastal Division contains more top 20 teams than does the SEC Western Division. And when you look at the bowl matchups this year the ACC clearly proved to be the best conference in the nation. The SEC is use to being the best conference in the nation but this year is an exception. And with Clemson having only loss by 5 points to Alabama last year when everyone expected them to win big, Clemson is not going to let the opportunity to prove they are the better team slip away. Just look at what happened to Ohio State in the semifinal game and what happened to Oklahoma for two straight years when they lost to Clemson. Clemson was the underdog in all three of those games and they won all three games handily. CLEMSON TIGERS WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP !!!!

  2. Jfann says:

    I agree with alot of what you say Earl. Well said.

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