Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech continue to defy critics after Bowl win over Kentucky.


Georgia Tech can’t recruit. The Triple Option simply can’t work at this level. There are too many new good coaches in the ACC, and Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson will fall behind. Somehow everytime the least is expected of Paul Johnson and his Jackets, they find a way to have a successful season. After last season failed to meet the high expectations, most people had Georgia Tech as a 5 to 7 win team.

The Yellow Jackets finished 2016 9-4 after a solid 33-18 win over Kentucky in the Tax Slayer Bowl. This was a team that sat 3-3 after 6 games, but won 6 of their last 7 games including road wins at Georgia and Virginia Tech.

In an ACC with a wealth of QB talent, Georgia Tech QB Justin Thomas was a bit forgotten, but he shouldn’t have been. The senior leaves Georgia Tech with 2 Bowl wins, 2 9+ win seasons, 2 wins over Georgia and laundry list of great 4th quarter plays. He ran Paul Johnson’s offense as well as anyone has at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech finished the year as one of the country’s 25 best. They definitely were a top 25 team.

So what does it mean for Georgia Tech in the future. Because Georgia Tech runs such an unusual offense, and doesn’t typically recruit well on paper – they are the hardest team in the ACC to predict. This I know for sure though. Paul Johnson does an excellent job as head coach at Georgia Tech. Since 2012, there are wins over USC, Clemson, FSU, Georgia (2), and a top 10 Mississippi State team. The Jackets have now won their last 2 bowl games, 3 of their last 4,  and have 2 9+ win years in 3 years. Throw in a top 10 Season with an Orange Bowl win in 2014, and it’s been a lot more good than bad in Paul Johnson’s tenure. He also has 3 ACCCG appearances, and an ACC Title.

With Georgia Tech, you just ignore conventional thinking on how a college football team should be and realize that on a given day or a given year, the Jackets can just start rolling and by year’s end become a really good dangerous team.

If you’re a a critic of Paul Johnson, just stop trying. He’s going to win more often than not.

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