Clemson dominates Ohio State, and heads back to National Title Game.


Before the season started, many people thought Clemson could reach the national title game. The pieces were in place with QB Dehsaun Watson, talent at the skill positions on offense, and one the country’s best front fours on defense. There were bumps in the road for the Tigers – a much improved ACC had a lot to do with that. They ACC in 2016 was the country’s best football conference… period. There is no debate on that. The ACC went 14-5 against the SEC and Big 10 this year. There were a lot ACC landmines that Clemson had to face. Pittsburgh got Clemson, but the Tigers won the ACC and headed to the playoffs.

They faced one of the best coaches on this generation in Urban Meyer and his Ohio State Buckeyes. We saw a Clemson team that is capable of winning the national title. The Tiger completely destroyed Ohio State in their most complete game of the season 31-0.

The Tigers were faster, bigger, stronger, and better coached. It was as thorough a beatdown as you will ever see against a team the caliber of Ohio State.

Clemson validated their national title run from last year with another one. Now the Tigers get to face that monster from Tuscaloosa. While SEC Football has declined across the board, Alabama hasn’t. They are still the standard in college football. They have earned it and deserve that title, but the Tigers are the one team that has the make up that could give the Tide some problems.

They can match the Tide at the line of scrimmage, and they have the type QB in Watson that is capable of picking apart any defense he sees including Alabama’s.

If any team has a shot at dethroning Alabama, it is Clemson. They’ll have their shot on January 9.

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