North Carolina Football Making Progress But More Can Be Done to Improve Program


Good evening, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) fans.

Another week of vacation – almost dreading going back to work 😉   Good for Jeff (@TalkinACCSports) that I can blog, though 😉

In my day job, I’m an auditor – and we tend to write the titles of our report and some of the contents with a focus some of those things you see that an organization is improving on – and those tasks that need work.

Towards that end, North Carolina made a big leap this year when it defeated Florida State University on the road.  That might be the best out of conference win ever for Tar Heel football.  It’s not easy to go in and win at Doak Campbell – and North Carolina got the win on a long field goal as time expired.  In the process, Florida State was pretty much knocked out of the College Football Playoff.  Again, that was a big win for the Tar Heels.

However, North Carolina and Larry Fedora now have to make the next big step – that means working on two big things, getting a marquee out of conference win and working on that “rushing defense,” (Oh, yes, that’s in quotes).

First, Jeff said it well – go out of conference against another power 5 team – and win.

First, North Carolina had a chance to get that this year vs. Georgia and today vs. Stanford.  While the comeback today vs. Stanford was valiant, the Tar Heels couldn’t win either game.   Tar Heel QB Mitch Trubisky needs to come back for another year to North Carolina.  He has a chance to be an NFL quarterback, but he unnecessarily takes some sacks – and has some ill-advised throws (which led to some points today vs. Stanford – oh, and vs. Virginia Tech).  Trubisky makes many decisions that are unwise – he has some Brett Favre river boat gambler in him.

Second, North Carolina needs to work on that “rushing defense.”  North Carolina’s rushing defense is ranked 113th in the nation.  The Tar Heel rushing defense is absolutely dreadful.  There are butter-producing dairy farms that have better rushing defenses than North Carolina.

Get that rushing defense fixed – another year of Trubisky getting better – and you could have a 9 win team in Chapel Hill next year.

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