Boston College bowl win changes perspective of 2016 season.


It was only one game, but sometimes a bowl win can change the way a fanbase looks at an entire season. Boston College defeated Maryland in the Quick  Lane Bowl 36-30. It wasn’t the prettiest game. The 4th quarter was a back and forth of mistakes between two 6-6 teams, but BC prevailed. Boston College was a program that had lost 11 straight ACC games at one point, and went 3-9 last season, it was a big win. For Boston College to finish the year 7-6, and winners of 4 of their last 6 games, I think you have to consider the season a relative success for Boston College.

You have to remember, at the moment BC is not competing with the Clemson’s and FSU’s of the ACC. They aren’t at that level. Boston College is trying to get consistently into that middle of the pack of the ACC. A 7-6 year with the solid finish says that is possible.

What I liked in particular from Boston College was the creativity on offense, especially in the first half. There was BC going for it on 4th down, there were trick plays, and the play-calling was aggressive. The much maligned OC Scot Loeffler should get credit for one of his better called games. For Boston College to be competitive in the future, we need to continue see this from Leoffler.

For the first time since 2007 (Boston College’s last bowl win) the Eagles enter the off-season feeling pretty good about themselves. Head Coach Steve Addazio won’t enter the 2017 on the hotseat either. Addazio has gotten BC to bowl games 3 of the last 4 years with three 7-6 years. That’s not terrible to be honest. The ACC Atlantic is one college football’s toughest divisions, so upward mobility will be tough, but Boston College fans have something they haven’t had for a while and that’s hope.

For Maryland, even though they are no longer in the ACC, it is interesting how that program is in disarray  having gone 9-16 the last  2 years.

Between Maryland and the complete trainwreck that Rutgers athletics is… I suppose the extra cable subscribers was the goal for the Big 10, because Maryland and Rutgers have added little athletically – especially Rutgers.


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