Which 3 ACC teams need to win their bowl game the most?



As we head into bowl season, for various reasons some ACC teams need to win their bowl games more than others. Everybody wants to win their bowl game, let’s get into why these 3 ACC teams need to win their games the most.


Clemson seems like an obvious choice, because they playing in the College Football Playoff against Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl but there is more to it than that. Clemson isn’t playing for respect. They have that. They aren’t playing to jump start their program. The Clemson program is on solid footing. This game is an opportunity for Clemson to play for the national title. QB Deshaun Watson will be gone, in addition to WR Mike Williams and RB Wayne Gallman.

This is the Tiger’s window to win the national title. Clemson will be good to very good for years to come, but you just never know when your next chance to play for a national title will be. The opportunity is now.


From potential playoff team, to the late season collapse, to the embarrassing #Wakeyleaks involvement. Louisville has limped home this season. Lamar Jackson did win the Heisman, but it’s been a rough go for the Cardinals since mid-November.Suddenly after a great 9-1 start to the season, people began to question Louisville after ugly losses to Houston and Kentucky.  A bowl game against LSU gives the Cardinals a chance to finish the season on a high note. The Cardinals need it too.  A win builds momentum for next season, and helps erase the poor finish to the year.

Beating a name brand like LSU always looks good on the resume too.


Miami won their final 4 games in the quietest manner possible. Sitting at 4-4, the Canes were pretty much forgotten. They ended up beating Pitt, Virginia, NC State, and Duke. Pitt was a good win, but can we say Mark Richt is making a difference at Miami yet?

The Canes haven’t won a bowl game since 2006. What would a win over West Virginia mean? When you haven’t won a bowl game since 2006, it would mean a ton. Even if the Canes lose, it’s too early to make any determinations on the Richt era in year 1, but a win could do wonders for the program going into the off-season.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    I agree with Clemson and Miami, but I would’ve put FSU third on account of their recent bowl losing streak. In fact, I’m inclined to put BC 4th on this list (last win: 2007).


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