Georgetown Men’s Basketball Gets a Big Win vs. Syracuse

John Thompson, John Thompson III

Good afternoon, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) sports fans.

We have been talking a lot about football on @AllSportsDACCand rightfully so.

Today, I’m going to transition a bit to college hoops.  I’m a Georgetown alum (I don’t blog about the Hoyas all that much) – and I do think the Hoyas have seen much better days.  I was very critical of Georgetown after their loss to Arkansas State.  I also gave the Hoyas some credit – if you want to call it that – after their win over Oregon.  This win over Syracuse was big for John Thompson III (JT III) because there are many who agree with me – especially the folks at @CasualHoya, who think JT III might have limited time left up on the Hilltop.

This, however, was a really, really bad loss for Syracuse.  Syracuse lost to a Georgetown team who took an L to Arkansas State.  Let that sink in – Syracuse took an L from a Georgetown team who lost to a Arkansas State.  Woof.


Are these the Syracuse fans now?

Hang in there, Orange – conference season is coming soon.

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