How should the ACC deal with Wakeyleaks?


CBSSportsline’s Jon Solomon says the Wakeyleaks issue is now an ACC issue and I agree. What Tommy Elrod did to his alma-mater betraying the trust of the Wake Forest football program is downright despicable. Elrod has ruined his career, and will never be part of the Wake Forest family ever again. Louisville and maybe other ACC programs were involved in utilizing this information from Elrod. What should the ACC do?

First, they shouldn’t rush to judgement. I believe Elrod probably went to assistant coaches or grad assistants and not the head coach. Any assistant coach that is determined to have received information from Elrod should be banned from ever coaching in the ACC again for at least 10 years and possibly life. This transgression speaks to the core of the integrity of the sport.

Beyond that it will depend on the extent of what was released. If Louisville was the only ACC school to have used this information, and it reached Bobby Petrino – then a post-season ban may be in order next year for the Cardinals. If it stayed at the assistant coach level, then a post-season ban would be too severe. If other ACC schools are involved, you may have to resort to substantial fines and the firing of involved assistant coaches, as you can’t exactly post-season ban 6 ACC schools

It will all depend on the extent of scandal, but the ACC cannot take this lightly.

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