Commentary from #Clemson Super Fan @CUBOSCO on Virginia Tech’s Football Program and Deshaun Watson’s Heisman Candidacy


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.  Hope you all are doing well.  Our friend, @CUBOSCO, sent an email with his thoughts on Virginia Tech’s Football Program and Clemson QB Deshaun Watson’s Heisman candidacy.   The @CUBOSCO email was written so well that we’re serving it up as a commentary guest post – and verbatim – here it is below:

Been meaning to sit down and write you since Orlando. I really came away impressed with VT and where they are as a program. To see where VT was towards the latter end of the Beamer era to where they were in Orlando was stark. Fuente has given you all an offensive identity. I think what is most impressive is that just by watching you can tell that everyone in the program as bought in. As you know, that often is a overlooked aspect of program building. Despite watching a few games in the week leading up, I was surprised by the overall athleticism on the Hokies roster. Going into the game I was not sure how much talent was left in the cupboard as Beamer transitioned out. There are some pieces in place and it is apparent that Fuente did an excellent job adapting his scheme to to fit the guys he had on campus. Too often I feel like new coaches dismiss the guys already on the roster and are willing to pound a square peg into a round hole till they can bring in “their” guys. Evans is better than I expected. He brings a toughness and attitude to the VT offense. There is a lot of room for growth with his footwork and getting to his second read. He had a comfort and confidence that I was not expecting, especially when things got tough. Obviously there are areas for improvement that can and will be addressed through recruiting but there is a lot to be excited about in Blacksburg.
Defensively was impressed me most is the evolution of Foster against the spread. I remember 2011 and what Clemson was able to do to his defense and in the back of my mind I was expecting more of the same. He mixes coverages, brought pressures, and did what you have to do against the spread today. I am a firm believer that you have to attack spread offenses defensively. Being passive merely plays into their hands. The real key in my estimation is being dominant up the middle. The ability to affect the quarterback through the center of the defense is far more impactful than edge rushers from the standpoint of taking QBs off their spots, especially when the goal is to get the ball out quickly. Defensively this is where talent acquisition can really put the Hokies over the top in the future.
There is a lot to be excited about in Blacksburg. There is a lot to be excited about in the Coastal Division and the ACC overall. With the announcement yesterday from Babcock to grow the Hokie Club you all have an opportunity to vault the Hokies into a new world. The financial flexibility it will provides to support student athletes, while not dipping into general fund monies is what you want. You want to support continue to enhance the academic pursuits in Blacksburg by keeping those resources where they belong in the classroom. Then with the growth of the Hokie Club you all will be able to better respond to the ever changing landscape of college athletics more effectively. Dan Radakovich has modernized the Clemson Athletic Department. That has allowed us to do all of the things we are doing to support our student athletes and build facilities. I hope the Hokies will see value investing in helping young people pursue a degree from a wold class institution first and foremost. Secondly, providing the men and women who represent VPI with the finest facilities and resources they can. There is spirit and passion for Virginia Tech that makes me believe they will not only meet the 25K goal but they will exceed it.
One more thing on the [Deshaun] Watson Heisman issue. I was disappointed in the outcome because I genuinely believe that Watson is the best QB in the country. The standard for Watson going into the season was sky high. That is why usually you do not see preseason favorites even make the trip to New York. In an era of SportsCenter highlights, Watson did not have that wow moment that people will loop on vine millions of times. That said, no one is going to convince me that the Heisman Trophy winner falters down the stretch when it matters. A Heisman Trophy winner does not go to Houston with everything in front of them and put that type of performance on film. You do not respond by losing to Kentucky at home. I am not saying he is not deserving but I expect more out of people who allegedly dedicate their time to college football.
Watson will get his chance to make his statement and I believe he will put on a show in Glendale.
Hope you are doing well.
Editor’s Note:  Thank you to @CUBOSCO for taking the time to send this email.  I’ll say this about Deshaun Watson – he just wins games – period.  Watson is in his 2nd College Football Playoff – and Clemson is the hunted that gets everyone’s best shot every week.  There are 128 Football Bowl Subdivision programs in college football – and I’m sure QBs from 124 of those would like to be in Watson’s position right now in the 2nd College Football Playoff.


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