Remember when CBS Sport’s Dennis Dodd said the ACC was dead?


Here is a little throwback article, I came across. Remember when CBS Sport’s Dennis Dodd said the ACC was dead? Oops My bad…

Dodd wrote this article back in 2012 that said the Champions Bowl would signal the end of the ACC. You know the Champions Bowl?

It’s what the deal represents: If you haven’t noticed, the top level of college football is now narrowed to the Big Four — Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC. Those 48 schools control most of the influence, power, money and, most important, product in the Football Bowl Subdivision. That shouldn’t be a surprise, but the announcement of the Champions Bowl put a face on college athletics’ latest study in Darwinism.

“Nothing’s changed,” one industry source said. “The Big East is diminished and the ACC is not the same as those other top leagues.”

Oh so close. This year’s Sugar Bowl is the Big 12’s best team Oklahoma (that couldn’t get into the playoffs) vs a 4 loss Auburn team. That sounds exiting doesn’t it?

Since the time Dodd predicted the end of the ACC, the conference has thrived winning 4 straight Orange Bowls (FSU, Clemson, Georgia Tech Clemson),  a national title by FSU, and a national title game appearance by Clemson. Saturday the ACC will add it’s 2nd Heisman winner in the last 4 years with likely Louisville’s Lamar Jackson winning the award. If it is not him then Clemson’s Deshaun Watson will win.

Let’s not forget the ACC Network coming in 2019 too. Poor Dennis Dodd, he sure mis-fired on this one, but I’m not even sure he did the worst job predicting the fate of the ACC. Remember this gem from the brilliant mind of Clay Travis in one of his old realignment articles?

Nope, the Big East and the ACC are going to battle. And one of these conferences is going to die. Which one? Your guess is as a good as mine, but if I was an ACC fan I wouldn’t be so confident about beating out the Big East in this conference death match.

or this one, where he had the Big East absorbing the ACC. 

Hell, is it even possible that the Big East could end up adding these five schools and wiping out the ACC? It’s not probable, but it’s certainly possible.  

A swing a miss from Mr. Travis. Guys – ACC fans don’t forget how much you missed on these predictions.

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  1. Lenvillecards says:

    The ACC has come a long way in just 4 years. I never believed the “conference is doomed” theory but I didn’t this high level of success so quickly. The ACC is strengthening its hand for the next round of bowl negotiations. At worst a far more lucrative OB deal or, more probable, replacing the dysfunctional B12 in the Sugar.

  2. Hokie Mark says:

    Thanks for the [bad] memories. Not sure what those guys had against the ACC.

    This year the Sugar Bowl is more like the “Chumps” Bowl. At least it gives me a 3-hour break from TV on New Year’s Monday…

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