Playoff Committee gets correct 4 teams, but wrong seedings.


Unless you’ve been living under rock, you know by know the 4 Teams to make the College Football Playoffs.

It’s Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Washington. They were seeded in that order too. The Playoff committee got the correct 4 teams, but got the seeding wrong. Here’s why…

Alabama as the 1 seed is a no-brainer. They are headed to Atlanta, which is just a short drive from from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.There will be tons of Alabama fans there, and it will be  a home field environment for the Tide – as it should be for the #1 seed. They will be playing the Washington Huskies, but it should be the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I don’t have an issue with a non-power 5 Conference Champion making the field. While power 5 Conference Champions should get extra weight as a playoff team, it doesn’t have to be exclusive. That is not currently the way the playoffs are setup. Ohio State has a road win at Big 12 Champion Oklahoma, and wins over Michigan and Wisconsin. They scheduled a tough non-conference game that they won. They would be the only team, out of twelve total playoff teams the last 3 years to make the playoffs. That’s not a lot of non-power 5 champ playoff teams folks.

Penn State did win the Big 10, and also beat Ohio State working in their favor – but they also lost to 8-4 Pittsburgh. That is not an awful, but couple that with a near 40 point loss to Michigan and that’s too much to overcome. Playoff teams are not the hottest over the last 2 months, but the best most consistent over the course of the season.

That said Ohio State as a non-power 5 Champion should have received the lowest seeding, and the most difficult semi-final. Washington was the Pac 12 Champion, and with only a single loss should not have been the 4 seed.

There should have been some penalty for the Buckeyes not winning their conference. They can make the playoffs, but versus the other 3 power 5 champions, they needed to be the lowest seed.

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