After beating Georgia, Paul Johnson silences his critics yet again.


This was supposed to be the year that Georgia Tech’s so-called antiquated option offense would finally run it’s course. Following last year’s injury plagued 3-9 season, Paul Johnson’s critics came out of the woodwork. See they said, the triple option had been solved, and he doesn’t recruit well enough. The expectations for 2016 were low. Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech would struggle, and the Yellow Jackets could finally join the modern era of football.

Paul Johnson seems to thrive when the least is expected of his team. He did it again Saturday, as the Yellow Jackets improbably came from 13 down in the 4th quarter, and upset arch rival Georgia. The Yellow Jackets finished the regular season 8-4, with road wins at Virginia Tech and Georgia in the month of November.

Justin Thomas again proved what a clutch quarterback he has been during his career. He led the Yellow Jackets to two 4th quarter TDs in the win.

Paul Johnson has more than proved his worth as a head coach. Since 2012, he’s beat Clemson, USC, FSU, a top 10  Mississippi State team, Georgia (twice), and 2016 ACC Coastal Champ Virginia Tech. Johnson is the right type of coach for Georgia Tech. He gives the program an identity. Sure he could recruit better. The defense leaves Yellow Jacket’s fans pulling their hair out, but minus last year’s anomaly of a season he makes the Yellow Jackets a competitive program with the occasional great season like 2014’s 11 win season. If you remember that year, Paul Johnson had his critics confounded that season too. Actually in most years, Johnson leaves his critics scratching their heads.

With the win Saturday, the Yellow Jackets can have a 9 win season which seem unheard of a couple of months ago. Paul Johnson may not win ACC COY. I think Virginia Tech’s Justin Fuente will deservedly win it, but Johnson should get plenty of credit for rallying his team into a very solid second half season.

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