NC State beats UNC which should buy Dave Doeren some time.


I can’t figure out NC State can you? They should have beat ECU, Clemson, BC and Florida State. All were games that the Wolfpack were in position to win. NC State could have easily went into the UNC game 8-3 or 9-2, but they weren’t. This was a 5-6 team playing for their bowl lives and Dave Doeren’s job. They were going on the road to face 8-3 UNC.

This just didn’t look good for NC State, but it’s a rivalry game and strange things happen in rivalry games. Give credit to Dave Doeren, for pulling his NC State team together after losing 5 of their last 6 games and coming up with an inspired 28-21 win to get to a bowl and likely give Dave Doeren another year at NC State.

Usually a win or loss gives you some direction of how a program is doing, but I just can’t gauge NC State. I just didn’t see this performance coming. They were the aggressor Friday. They established the run and were more physical than UNC. You beat your most fierce rival, and fans are likely to be more forgiving.

Ok here’s what this win did for Dave Doeren and NC State. It likely bought him more time. NC State fans are probably still not enamored with Doeren. They shouldn’t be either. He’s only won 9 ACC games in four years, and he’s never won more than 3 ACC games in a single year. He has shown there’s potential at NC State, though.

I don’t know if Doeren is the guy that can get the Wolfpack to be that consistent 8-10 win type program, that I believe they can be, but he’s deserves a little more time to try.

If the Wolfpack can go on to win a bowl game, then a season that was on it’s way to being a trainwreck may very well be salvaged to a certain extent. Doeren got a bit of a reprieve Friday, now he needs to do something with it.

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  1. Dave Wright says:

    I can’t blame Coach Doeren for the Clemson and FSU losses. He didn’t miss FG or drop the interception. The Pack’s play against Louisville and BC does fall on the coaching staff, but if I had been on the team I would have probably been sleep walking during the UL game as well. But I do blame Coach Doeren for the lack of wins in the ACC so far. I feel like there are playmakers on offense, and the defense is solid. My fear is if he is fired, players may leave. That is the last thing fans want to see. We already deal with that each Basketball offseason. Which I have no explanation for, but it always happens.

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