It Is Not The Weather or the #ACC Referees, #UNC


Good afternoon, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) fans.

Yeah, I watched the North Carolina State – North Carolina football game today.

North Carolina Tar Heel fans, it’s not the weather or the #ACC referees.

No, it is not the referees… the Tar Heels rushing defense:

Why would any team decide to do anything but run against the Tar Heels?  Make the Tar Heels stop the run before you do anything else SMH.

So many North Carolina fans were bellowing and crying, “Oh, if it wasn’t for Hurricane Matthew – we would have defeated Virginia Tech!!!”

No, once again, your coach, Larry Fedora, decides once again not to use Elijah Hood, a running back with 11 carries for 56 yards – yeah, he was averaging 5.1 yards per carry.  Honestly, Hood has been so mismanaged, I’m surprised he hasn’t requested a transfer – there’s no way a player like this shouldn’t have more than 20 carries (he should have 20 minimum every game).   Fedora isn’t leaving North Carolina for another school because quite often, he can’t manage a game when it counts.  Why forget about your best rushing threat? It’s not the weather that’s impacting North Carolina’s football team – it’s Fedora’s weak ass game management.

The moral of the story here, UNC fans – drastically improve your run defense – and the Fedora game management – and you might see different results.

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