Hotter seat NC State’s Dave Doeren or Boston College’s Steve Addiazo?


As we close in on the 2016 football season, one thing is becoming very clear NC State’s Dave Doeren and Boston College’s Steve Addiazo are the ACC coaches with the hottest seats. Everyone else is going to a bowl game, new, or has recent established success.

Both coaches currently sit 5-6, but only have 3 ACC wins between them. Addiazo has 1 ACC win in his last 15 ACC games. That was a win over NC State this year actually. He has never won a bowl game.

Dave Doeren has lost 5 of his last 6 games, and has just 8 ACC wins in nearly 4 ACC seasons. Addiazo for comparison has just 9. I know we rush to judgement on coaches, but the days of getting more than 4 years ala Frank Beamer who was 2-8-1 in his year 6 are probably over.

Both coaches are now in year 4 of their tenures and their programs seem to be getting worse not better. Ok but who’s seat is hotter?

I think I have lean to Addiazo. The 1-14 ACC mark the last 2 years is downright ugly. There hasn’t been a quality win to speak of in the last 2 years, and they’ve been outscored this year by the ACC Atlantic’s best teams Clemson, Louisville, and FSU 157-17. That speaks to how far away Boston College is from the best teams in their division. NC State was blown out by Louisville, but had opportunities to defeat both FSU and Clemson this year.

The Wolfpack seem to be closer to being competitive. That doesn’t mean NC State shouldn’t make their own move. NC State’s home loss to BC was a complete embarrassment, and the senior day 27-13 loss to Miami was a listless sloppy effort.

Twitter also  trying to decide between the two.

What I know for sure is that both NC State and Boston College should be better than they have been. Each has a chance to reach a bowl and maybe salvage something out of this season.

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