Louisville’s playoff chances get huge lift from weekend chaos.

Louisville v Purdue

#2 Clemson 42 Pittsburgh 43

#3 Michigan 13 Iowa 14

#4 Washington 13 USC 26

#6 Louisville 44 Wake Forest 12

#8 Texas A&M 28 Ole Miss 29

#9 Auburn 7 Georgia 13

Suddenly the Louisville Cardinals are looking pretty good to the reach the College Football playoff. Louisville struggled early with Wake Forest, but finished strongly and with the chaos around them the Cardinals have to be feeling pretty good after Saturday.

The Cardinals have just 1 loss this year at Clemson. Now the Tigers still hold the edge if they win the ACC. The committee won’t have Louisville leapfrog a Clemson team that wins the ACC in the final rankings, if they win their final 3 games. That said with Michigan going down, the Big 10 won’t get a second team in. Washington has a suspect resume, and plays in the Pac 12. The Pac 12 is generally considered weaker than the ACC too.

Texas A&M and Auburn have too many losses. The Cardinals finish the year at Houston and Kentucky. They will be favored in both.

If Alabama and the Big 10 Champion are playoff locks, and Clemson is a lock if they win out who fills the 4th spot? Why not Louisville?

The Cardinals need to just keep taking care of business, because while we can’t say they control their own destiny – they do look to be in a very good spot. I expect they’ll be #3 or #4 in the playoff rankings come Tuesday. That’s a great position to be in.

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