The Charlotte Observer suggests the ACC should think about dropping Boston College.


We all know Boston College is struggling athletically at the moment in the major revenue producing sports of Football and Men’s Basketball. They have lost 13 of their past 14 ACC football games, and have lost 19 straight ACC Basketball games.

The Charlotte Observer’s Luke DeCock says the ACC Needs to do something about Boston College.  DeCock suggests that the ACC should think about dropping Boston College if some pre-defined targets are not met.

It’s an interesting article, but it is not one I’ agree with.

The ACC is now one of the premier conferences in the country. It’s basketball is the nation’s best, and it’s football has drastically improved. You know if you can compete in the ACC, you can compete in any of the power 5 conferences. It wasn’t that long ago though, that people questioned whether the ACC lagged behind even the dying Big East. I don’t like the idea of cutting the chord with struggling programs, when the ACC isn’t that far removed from it’s own tenuous days.

As recently as 2014 the Boston College football team, made a bowl game, beat #9 USC, and came within a 1 point bowl loss of an 8 win season. In 2013 Boston College RB Andre Williams, won the Doak Walker award as the country’s top RB and was a Heisman Finalist.  DeCock takes a shot at BC Baseball in his article, but did he forget that Boston College Baseball made the super regionals this past year?

That’s something more established baseball programs like Clemson and Georgia Tech haven’t done in several years.

Let’s not forget Boston College is planning a $200 Million investment into upgrading their athletic facilities according to the Boston Globe.   Everything goes in cycles. Right now the Eagles are down, but it would take extroadinary circumstances for me to get behind dropping an ACC school. This isn’t one of those circumstances.

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  1. Zippy says:

    Drop BC bring in Temple. Better football, better basketball, and better geographically.

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