Florida State shows pride and guts in comeback against NC State.


For a program with the recent success of FSU, 2016 was going to become a truly lost season. There will be no playoffs, no conference titles, and no Big 6 bowl games. Down 10 in the 2nd half to NC State, the Noles season was about to enter trainwreck status. A 5-4 Florida State team, with a loss to a team that just lost to Boston College? Oh the fans would not be happy with Jimbo Fisher in Tallahassee.

Enter Dalvin Cook , Deondre Francois and the rest of the Florida State tea that showed all kinds of pride and guts in coming back at NC State. Now the Noles move to 6-3 with BC next. In a season considered down by FSU standards, there is still a chance at a 10 win season. Deondre Francois continues to get battered game after game, but time and time again shows his toughness. Francois has all the potential in the world to one day be a great quarterback. Today he led a late 4th quarter to help lift FSU to victory.

Sure FSU could have played better, but when the difference between winning and losing is so small, it’s only the final result that matters. FSU was on the ropes, but they found a way to persevere. A season that was the brink now has a chance to be salvaged. Deondre Francois showed the kind of guts you want to see out of a growing/maturing QB. That bodes well for the future of Florida State. A loss sends FSU’s season into a complete tailspin, but the win now shows the promise of what Deondre Francois can do as he gets more experience.

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