Lamar Jackson adds to Heisman resume, as Louisville bolsters playoff case by pulverizing Boston College.



For the last for weeks, we’ve been wondering what’s is wrong with Louisville. There was struggle against Duke. Then a strong win against NC State, but back to more struggles against Virginia. Lamar Jackson was still the Heisman front runner, but Michigan’s Jabril Peppers was starting to gain ground in some circles. Louisville was a surprising 7th in the first playoff rankings, due in part to those recent shaky wins.

Louisville put an end to both question marks, and returned to being one of the most explosive teams in the country by destroying Boston College Saturday 52-7.

Jabril Peppers is a fine player. I won’t argue he is probably the country’s most versatile college football player, but he isn’t Lamar Jackson. Jackson is the single most dominant player in the game today. Against BC he accounted for a whopping 7 touchdowns, and over 400 yards of offense. Even in the games Louisville didn’t player that well recently, he was still the best player on the field. Not only do I think Jackson is the front runner for the Heisman, he is clear cut front runner, and it isn’t even close. Barring injury or a collapse of the Louisville team, Lamar Jackson is going to win the Heisman.

Louisville’s playoff chances aren’t dead yet either. The Cardinals got good news out Mississippi, when the Mississippi State knocked off #4 ranked Texas A&M. It was a position we all knew the Aggies shouldn’t have been in, and thankfully that mistake by the playoff committee didn’t last long. Louisville should be no worse than 6th on Tuesday. From that position, you are close enough to reach the playoffs with just a bit of luck.

Saturday was exactly the kind of day of Louisville needed. It should make the Cardinal’s opposition nervous as there is still a Heisman Trophy to win, and a possible playoff spot to earn. I have a feeling the Cardinals are about to return to their early season form.

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