ACC Football Pulling in strong TV Ratings through first 2/3 of season.


We are 2/3 of the way through the college football season, and the ACC continues to pull in strong TV Ratings. Who says ACC football isn’t popular?

Let’s highlight the top rated games of the week that featured an ACC Team.

Week 1 

#2 rated Game of week – Florida State vs Ole Miss : 8.35 Million

Week 2

#1 rated Game of the week – Virginia Tech vs Tennessee : 5.79 Million

Week 3

#2 rated Game of the week – Florida State vs Louisville : 6.2 Million

Week 4

#7 rated Game of the week – Duke vs Notre Dame : 2.63 Million

Week 5

#1 rated Game of the week – Clemson vs Louisville : 9.29 Million

Week 6

#2 rated Game of the week – FSU vs Miami : 5.54 Million

Week 7

#3 rated Game of the week – Clemson vs NC State : 4.5 Million

Week 8

#6 rated Game of the week – Louisville vs NC State : 2.3 Million

Week 9 

#1 rated Game of the week – Clemson vs FSU : 5.38 Million

In the first 9 weeks of the season the ACC only had 2 weeks where it didn’t have a top 3 rated game, and 3 times they had the number 1 rated game of the weekend. These are numbers that were unheard of a few years ago.

That’s what some quality matchups with Heisman Trophy contenders will do for you.

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