Clemson has the best resume in college football after beating Florida State.


Right now after the games of October 30th, the Clemson Tigers have the best resume in college football. It is is better than Alabama’s who has one very good home win against Texas A&M. Tennessee, Arkansas and Ole Miss have all fallen apart down the stretch. Michigan hasn’t beat anyone of note other than maybe Colorado. Washington has a good win at Utah and little else. Clemson has wins at Auburn, and Florida State. Auburn is likely to be ranked in the top 10 when the polls come out later this weekend. FSU will be in the top 20, and Louisville is the highest ranked 1 loss team in country. That loss is to Clemson.

Clemson has taken a wealth criticism for not dominanting every opponent. Sloppy efforts against Troy and NC State come to mind. Who hasn’t had them though? Alabama nearly lost to 5 loss Ole Miss. Louisville had extremely shaky wins against Virginia and Duke. Washington nearly took an L in an OT game against Arizona. It happens to every top team in the country. If we’re going by resume only you can argue Clemson should be #1 when the playoff rankings come out, but I can accept Alabama being #1. They’ve looked like the most complete team in college football. These rankings matter though, because your seeding could place Clemson – should they make the playoffs in Atlanta, Georgia or Arizona.

Where do you think Clemson would rather play? Clemson should be ranked ahead #2 when the rankings, and in position to take the #1 spot should Alabama lose. That’s why even these early playoff rankings are important. Remember when undefeated Florida State got sent out West to play Oregon? That certainly did not help FSU.

These first rankings will be very interesting, how the committee weighs Clemson’s impressive resume against the other playoff contenders.

That doesn’t mean Clemson doesn’t have areas to improve. Against Louisville, NC State, and now FSU, Deshaun Watson threw a momentum shifting interception. As good as Watson is, he’s becoming a little to Brett Farve like. He believes he can complete every pass he throws. You like the confidence, but it’s pushing Watson into bad throws. The back 7 was abused in coverage and run pursuit against the Noles. When Dalvin Cook got to the edge he was blowing by Clemson back 7 defenders. The pass interference penalties kept FSU drives alive.

Clemson’s elite wins prove that they are a team that is playoff and even national championship caliber (at times), but to truly reach that level Clemson must find a to reduce the number of mental errors they are committing.

This a team that is so close to being great. Their pretty solid still is good enough to make them one of the best teams in college football.

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  1. Dan Thielbar says:

    I myself am a ncaa fan of all sports rather then pro sports. This being said I am in favor of all safety issues that involve all of these kids. As I see it the rules imposed this year involving targeting are the enforcement and name change from the spearing rule which has been on the books for years. Spearing was always a defensive foul . Now with the term target and leading with the crown of the helmet by any player is a foul. So k by this every running back who ducks his head as he goes into a line and makes contact with a defensive lineman helmet is targeting and should be penealiszed accordingly. But this is not done, very poor enfacement of the rule. As for the game between Clemson and Florida State the two targeting calls that went against Florida were being watch by a very incompetent official neither of the was delivered with intent, and one was not even helmet to helmet. This crew of officials needs to be investagated and felt with accordingly. COME ON NCCA safety for all not just your stars, or are you that much like the NFL and only out for the almighty buck. All this being said congrats Clemson and Florida your couch’s arguing with the officials and costing you 15 yards was the start of your down slide. Coach have faith in our players not in the competence of the officiating. This year is all ready to late but post season change is still available.Get it right NCAA. Keep all the Kids safe.

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