3 Quick Ways the NFL can Fix it’s ratings problem.


Sunday night should have been one of the best games of the year. Arizona and Seattle was a playoff caliber matchup. The game itself was everything currently wrong with the NFL. It was a 6-6 abomination of a game. There was almost not any vertical passing game, zero TDs, and no offense. It was a boring punt and FG fest of a game. If you’re wondering, that a good reason why NFL ratings are dropping.  I don’t need to see 65-60 game, but a little offense and little more fun might be nice.

Here are 3 quick ways the NFL can fix what ails it. Sportswriter @AndyGlockner nails what some of what needs to be done.

If you’re going to play Thursday night this is a must. Most Thursday night games are awful and I think it has to do with tired players. Either drop the Thursday night games all together, or have a BYE preceding it.

Sure why not… add some players to the roster. The reasons are obvious.

Last would it kill the NFL, to bring back player celebrations? As long as you aren’t straight taunting an opponent, those celebrations were fun and entertaining. College is one thing, but these are paid professionals nobody is getting their feelings hurt.

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