Who is North Carolina football so far this season after win at Miami?



If you can figure out North Carolina football this season, please let the rest of know. There was a home blowout loss to Virginia Tech last week, and 10 point loss to a mediocre Georgia team to open the year. There has also been a win at Florida State, and now the win over Miami this week.

So who are the North Carolina Tar Heels? Are they good enough to win the ACC Coastal division, or did they just catch Florida State and Miami on the wrong day. Well in the words made famous by Dennis Green they are who we thought they were.

Most people had UNC losing to Georgia in a virtual home game for the Bulldogs. Georgia has turned out to be just average at best. It’s one that got away, but not that surprising before the season. A win at Florida State was not expected, and losing at home to Virginia Tech wasn’t either. Miami was a toss-up, that the Heels ended up winning.

So 5-2, with just 1 loss in the ACC and honestly it looks about right, but not with the wins and losses where expected. If you look at the future schedule, the Heels still seem on their way to a 9 or 10 win regular season. The Tar Heels should be favored in their next five games – at Virginia, Georgia Tech, at Duke, Citadel, and NC State. Anything less than a 4-1 finish would and should be considered a disappointment, but there isn’t any reason to think UNC can’t accomplish that.

Mitch Trubisky has been mostly solid at quarterback, and there are plenty of playmakers on offense. If there is an issue for UNC, it is Virginia Tech. The Tar Heels don’t hold their destiny in their own hands. The Hokies have to lose again in the ACC, and Tar Heels must win out. So now the Heels root for Miami, Pittsburgh, Duke, Georgia Tech or Virginia to knock off Hokies. They are good team, but not elite one, but we knew that already. There are right in contention for the ACC Coastal, as we all thought they’d be. They just didn’t quite get there they way we thought they would.

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