Loss to NC State proves how far Notre Dame must go to be competitive with ACC.


Notre Dame if you want to to join the ACC one day, you better get your act together. The new look ACC is highly competitive, features Heisman and NFL caliber players, and has teams that can compete for national titles. By any measure it is one of the 3 best football conferences in America. The ACC scheduled you because, they thought it would help the conference’s SOS. Frankly this isn’t working out so well.

You guys are 2-4, and now have losses to two teams that figure to be in the bottom half of the ACC in Duke. The Bluedevils took care of you in your own stadium. Then you go to NC State where Dave Doeren has 7 ACC wins in just over three years, in a driving rain the Wolfpack to their credit played an inspired game and beat you too. You’d probably be about the 10 or 11th best team in the ACC.

This 5 game scheduling agreement really isn’t working out either. Now wins over Notre Dame are looked at as victories over some directional state school. If Miami or Virginia Tech get into the playoff chase, a win over Notre Dame will carry zero weight.

You’ve got Brian Kelly attacking your snapper…

Has it really come this to Irish? Where Brian Kelly is attacking your snapper? We in the ACC always thought we wanted Notre Dame to join as a full member. You know I’m rethinking this. We have a program like Notre Dame bringing down a conference that has worked so hard to build back up it’s reputation. It’s just a bad look. The ACC got it’s network without you, and is on firmer ground than it has ever been.

What does the ACC want to with a bloated program that had it’s best days over 20 years ago, minus a national championship title game run in 2012 that ended in a humiliating loss to Alabama.

You just stay over there Notre Dame, don’t sully the ACC’s ever improving football name.

Oh wait John Swofford just said there’s always an open spot if you do want in. I hope anyone who reads this understands this was purely tongue in cheek. Notre Dame has great tradition, and would be welcomed in the ACC. There’s no question though, the Irish are having a forgettable 2016 season.

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