Clemson vs Louisville is a TV ratings bonanza.


Clemson and Louisville should be proud of the performance they put on last night. Two top 5 teams, Heisman contenders, great game and the nation watching. Literally the nation was watching.

The game drew a massive 6.0 rating. That is 2nd highest rated game of the season, behind only Texas vs Notre Dame (A Sunday night game with no Competition). It was the highest rated Saturday game of the year.

Did they just High Five at the ACC offices?

The Cardinals-Tigers showdown earned a massive 6.0 overnight and a streaming average minute audience of 200,000 viewers, the highest overnight and most-streamed game of Week 5 across all networks. The down-to-the-end Tigers’ victory resulted in a number of superlatives:   

The full article is at SportsTVRatings. 

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