Florida State and Jimbo Fisher are at a crossroads.


Yesterday Florida State was pulverized in a way that I didn’t think was possible by the Louisville Cardinals. This wasn’t a 5 Turnover game that turned a close game into a blowout like a couple of years ago in a 59-20 loss to Oregon. Florida State was beaten every which way possible against Louisville. The Noles just won the national title in 2013, and made the playoffs in 2014, but I think the FSU fanbase feelings on what happened against Louisville can be summed up in one tweet from this FSU fan.

Going back to that Oregon loss, Florida State is an ok, but not great 12-5 in their last 17 games. For comparison, Florida State has more losses that it’s  peer programs Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama have combined in that same time frame.

What’s going on? Was yesterday just a matter of running into a hot team at home or is Florida State about to become the next Oklahoma or LSU? Teams with national championship coaches, but peaked several years ago?

Really it’s tough to say at the moment. Florida State is still better than arch-rival Florida. It wasn’t like Clemson blew them out in Death Valley last year either. The second half against Ole Miss showed FSU could still play at extremely high level, and we know the Noles recruit very well.

Jimbo Fisher and Florida State are at a crossroads though. 3 loss seasons aren’t acceptable at a place like Florida State and the schedule is not an easy one. There’s still a road game at surging Miami, and there is UNC, Clemson, and Florida left on the schedule. South Florida is no gimme next week either. The season could be righted very quickly. Remember 2 years ago Ohio State took 2 TD home loss to an average Virginia Tech team. That was following back to back losses to end the 2013 season. Urban Meyer had just lost 3 out 4 games. Now look where Ohio State is.

We’re about to find out if if Jimbo Fisher is more Urban Meyer or more Bob Stoops/Les Miles.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    It’s all about the defense. FSU’s D hasn’t been the same since 2013. Of course, they lost their DC after the championship season, too. Just sayin’

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