Georgia Tech quietly improving moves to 3-0 after crushing Vanderbilt.


When you are coming off a 3-9 season, you can’t take any games the next year for granted. With a less than daunting, but still a dangerous opening three games, Georgia Tech needed to open the season 3-0 if there was any chance of having a bowl season. Mercer in game two wouldn’t be a problem, but similarly desperate Boston College was game one. Vanderbilt had enough defensive talent to stifle the Georgia Tech offense.

Georgia Tech beat Boston College 17-14 to open the season. They easily defeated  Mercer 35-10, but Saturday is where you got the feeling Georgia Tech has a chance to be a pretty good team. This was after a solid 38-7 over Vanderbilt.

There is unmistakable improvement from Georgia Tech in a couple of areas from last year. The pass blocking is light years better. QB Justin Thomas looks comfortable in the pocket, and he has time to throw. If you remember last year, it didn’t matter who the Yellow Jackets played the pass blocking was a mess against anyone they faced. Look who threw for 222 yards today.

The option again looks like the option. The perimeter block is better. The Yellow Jackets ran for 289 yards, and the Jackets haven’t given up more than 14 points a game on defense this season. The defense isn’t a dominant one . The defensive line struggles to pressure passers still, but Georgia Tech is keeping teams from reaching the endzone with solid red-zone defense.

I don’t think the Yellow Jackets are ready to contend in the Coastal, but I’ve seen enough to tell me they are significantly better than last year. Paul Johnson didn’t forget how to coach. It’s not a surprise that some of the blocking issues from last season have improved.

Now the Yellow Jackets get the Clemson Tigers on a Thursday night with some momentum. Entering this season I considered that a sure loss, now the Jackets at least have a chance.

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