ESPN can save Noon start error for FSU game, by bringing Gameday to Louisville.

Louisville v Purdue

Next week Florida State plays Louisville. Florida State is ranked #3 and Louisville is ranked #13.  The Cardinals have scored 132 points in their first games. Florida State played the best half of college football in the country last week in a national championship level 2nd half as they beat #11 Ole Miss 45-34. Louisville QB Lamar Jackson is one of the most exciting players in the nation. FSU QB Deonadre Francois is one of the most exciting players in the nation.

The game has early playoff implications, and is the biggest regular season ACC game that isn’t FSU/Clemson in years. The gametime in 12 PM. It was ridiculous when the gametime was announced earlier this year, and it looks even more foolish now. Even having it on ABC for better coverage isn’t enough.

This is a game that deserves a Saturday of buildup to primetime. It was mistake by ESPN, and somewhat of slap in the face to conference partner the ACC.

Here’s how ESPN can save it. Send ESPN Gameday to Louisville. The other choices that day? Ole Miss vs Alabama? Ole Miss already has a loss. Ohio State vs Oklahoma? The Sooner shave a loss too, and would ESPN really have a Gameday at FOX televised game? Maybe Michigan State vs Notre Dame? Neither team is currently ranked in the top 10, and the Irish have a loss too.

If Gameday goes to Louisville, the noon start can be forgiven.

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