LSU Offensive Lineman, John Boutte, Should Be Suspended Four Games Minimum



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Good evening from Minnesota, Atlantic Coast Conference sports fans.  Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend.

If you’re like me, you overdosed in a good way on college football’s first weekend (yours truly was up until 2:30 AM CST watching a weather-delated Wyoming and Northern Illinois football game).  Please make sure you check out my blogging buddy’s posts – Jeffrey Fann (@TalkinACCSports) wrote some nice ones capping some of this weekend’s action, including Clemson’s game with AuburnNorth Carolina’s game with Georgia (I’ll have more on that in a separate post – Tar Heels football coach, Larry Fedora, is outthinking himself for no reason), and Georgia Tech’s game with Boston College (which was very important from a bowl eligibility perspective).

Yesterday, of course, I also watched some of the national games.  Alabama absolutely drilled USC – it was a thrashing unlike anything I’ve see in a long time.  Alabama is once again the class of the SEC – and it’s fair for us to say that the Crimson Tide are the prohibitive favorite for another national title (this statement takes nothing away from Clemson, who is also a good team).

As I’m vacation in the Midwest, I also watched Wisconsin vs. LSU – the game was at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI.  If you put yourself in the position of the Wisconsin Badgers players (and probably some of the LSU players), I’m sure it was a dream for many of them to see the Packers stadium (especially some of those in-state Badgers players).  The game was a tough sledding game throughout with yards hard to come by.  It was a battle in the trenches with both teams fighting every step of the way.   The game was marred by a sleazy, clothesline, late hit at the end of the game following an interception by Badgers defensive back, D’Cota Dixon.  Watch this late hit by LSU Offensive Lineman, John Boutte:

That was an ugly, late hit – far, far after the whistle – and John Boutte should be suspended for four games.  If LSU only suspends him for two games or less, then the SEC needs to step in either to 1.) Order LSU officials to impose the additional suspension or 2.) Impose the additional suspension if LSU refuses.  Notice that I’m saying here that there is no way a suspension should be off the table – in any area code.

Les Miles obviously has two bigger problems.  First, Cam Cameron, his offensive coordinator, probably should have been shown the door.  Second, why can’t Les recruit a quarterback?  LSU is part of the mighty SEC – and has access to resources that many other schools do not have.  That’s neither here nor there, though – because Boutte must be suspended on Tuesday – and LSU officials should waste no time getting this done.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!

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