UNC getting closer to being great, but talent gap too big against Georgia.


North Carolina let a major opportunity to gain national respect slip away against the Georgia Bulldogs. Make no mistake, Georgia is one of the most talented teams in the country. 4 and 5 star athletes dot that lineup all over. It’s never been a talent issue with Georgia, it’s been a coaching issue.

North Carolina was always going to be fighting uphill talent battle. They had to execute better, make fewer mistakes, and out coach Georgia. That didn’t happen. Nick Chubb, Georgia’s stud RB, had 32 carries. Elijah Hood, UNC’s great RB, had just 10 rushes. Hood can’t have only 10 carries in any game. Why Larry Fedora won’t feed Hood the ball is beyond me. It was mistake too.

The Tar Heels up 24-14 in the 3rd quarter committed multiple critical penalties. Now if you’re a UNC fan the officiating understandably frustrated you, but the Tar Heels lost their cool.

Head coach Larry Fedora got flagged. Mitch Trubisky threw a pass in the endzone for a safety. A team like North Carolina can’t do that against a team like Georgia in basically a road game. The Tar Heels had their chances.

That said, North Carolina is getting closer to being very good. They played right with Georgia. They competed last year with Baylor, and Clemson. Offensively they can play with anyone. Where UNC lacks defensively is talent. Gene Chizk’s schemes aren’t bad, but upfront, North Carolina just couldn’t handle Georgia. The Bulldogs ran for 289 yards, and the problems with UNC’s rush defense showed up again.

There won’t be any playoffs for UNC this year. They can’t lose another game, and they won’t be beating Florida State, and winning the ACC Title. Today though showed UNC isn’t going to regress. They are a pretty good team. They will win 9 or maybe 10 games, and it seems obvious but recruit recruit and recruit some more.

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