Colin Kaepernick: Your Protest Is A Bit Tone Deaf



Colin Kaepernick has grabbed the national spotlight of late with his decision to sit during the National Anthem and quite frankly all I have to say about it is: It’s tone deaf.

I’m an internet nerd…I can find anything on here. In my perusal of Colin Kaepernick related news, I could not find one instance of him speaking up on police brutality against blacks up until now. It almost seems tone deaf. “I am going to countinue to stand with the people that are being oppressed.” But are you standing up for people by sitting down or just bringing more attention to yourself?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Yes, we all have rights and freedoms but what good is sitting during a national anthem going to do? Why not create a foundation for black youth in the San Francisco area? Oh, I know about Camp Taylor, Kaepernick’s camp for children with heart disease but, is that helping the oppressed?

To date, Kaepernick has donated zero dollars to the “Black Lives Matter” movement or any other group affiliated with minorities. Net worth aside, cause that’s a bit of a moot point, but if you really wanted to help, wouldn’t you at least donate something? $1…$2…something more than sitting down on your butt while the National Anthem plays. Maybe the lyrics are racially motivated, but have you listened to rap music lately?

Now, am I upset by his actions? No, he has the freedom to do as he pleases but the attention he’s bringing on himself isn’t going to get better anytime soon because the more he defends himself, the more out of touch he sounds. Kaepernick has the means to drive significant change, yet he’s chosen to just sit while a song plays because of the way people of color are treated. That to me is how selfish people act, not people trying to spark change. Risk something more than your job…risk a game check to fund better police training. Create an organization that allows black youth to congregate with police officers and create a better reputation.

Point is: Sitting during a National Anthem is tone deaf…you’re turning your back on more people than you are protesting police brutality. Show up to a Black Lives Matter rally…wear a Black Lives Matter shirt under your jersey, do more than sit down while everybody else stands up.


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  1. Brandon Smith says:

    I believe what he is doing is a good thing. Yes I understand he wasn’t protesting 2 years ago, but maybe recent events was the straw that broke the camels back. Now we have more people, black and white, that are supporting or doing their own actions to show protesting during the national anthem. It is good to at least make other aware of what is going on, or we will end up with a bunch of ‘Lil Waynes’ in this country.

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