Best and Worst case record for Duke football in 2016


Best / Worse Case Record for :

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Name the ACC school that has averaged the most wins over the last three years not named Florida State or Clemson? You’re looking at them. It’s the Duke Blue Devils at a rock solid 9 wins a year. Head coach David Cutcliffe is responsible one of the most remarkable football restoration projects in the country. The days of over-looking Duke are long gone, but after an 8-5 2015, this year’s team has some holes to fill especially on defense. Does Duke take a slight step back this year, or can they get back to Charlotte?

Will Go 8-4 (5-3) if:
The defensive line comes together quickly. Overall this is going be a young inexperienced group. Last year the defense struggled badly in the 2nd half of the season giving up more than 30 points in 6 of their last 7 games. I trust the offense under David Cutcliffe, and QB Thomas Sirk seems ready for the season following a spring injury. The schedule early is manageable, and if Duke can get split with Northwestern and Notre Dame, they could start the season 5-1. By that time the defense should be squared away.

The back end of the schedule at Louisville, at Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, at Pitt and at Miami is brutal. Duke has to just hang on for dear life in their last 6 games.

Will Go 4-8 (2-6) if:
The schedule just overwhelms Duke, and the defense can’t stop anyone. Duke’s program is on solid footing under Cutcliffe and the improved facility upgrades help, but this could be a transitional year. That schedule is tough. There are several difficult road games – at Northwestern, at Notre Dame, at Louisville, at Georgia Tech, at Pittsburgh, at Miami. That’s every Duke road game in fact. Duke would be very fortunate to go 3-3 in that stretch. The defense is a big question mark, and that is unit that had enough problems last year finishing 10th in the ACC.

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