California Golden Bears, Hawaii Rainbows Prepare for a college football game in… Australia!


This is a reader submitted piece…  A college football game in Australia? How did I miss this?

We’ve been waiting and waiting for the college football season. It has been especially hard during the dog days of summer of even with the Olympics to distract us. However, the new season is almost here, and all the college football spreads are focused on the first games that are just around the corner.

Taking place Down Under is the 2016 College Football Sydney Cup. The location of the game might come as a surprise to some people. Not since Brigham Young beat Colorado State in 1987 has a game of College Football been played in Australia.

 Fans in Australia will have the opportunity to watch the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and the California Golden Bears go head to head.

Kicking off at 10P.M ET on Friday, fans that are watching the game from different time zones should keep a close eye on their watches, or they will miss the kickoff. 65,000 Football fans are expected to descend on the Olympic Stadium in Sydney to watch the game.

Saturday, the Rainbow Warriors left home headed Australia in what is sure to be a fun experience for his players, but Hawaii is there to play and try and win the game.

Cal coach, Sonny Dykes, echoed this sentiment. It is only natural for players to have some excitement over the idea of flying to Australia. However, that excitement shouldn’t steer them away from their goal to win the game. It sounds like both teams have taken on the mentality of playing in a post-season bowl game.

As far as Dykes can tell, there isn’t a player on his team that has ever actually been to Australia, which explains why the trip might prove distracting.

Dykes has, himself, never been to Australia, and there is no downplaying the journey as a trip they will remember for a long time.

 The Bears begun practice the moment they touched down in Sydney. Marshawn Lynch, a former Cal Star, attended the practice session. With some time for rest and relaxation, they then received permission to use the rest of their day sightseeing, many choosing to take a trip to the country’s famous Bondi Beach.

Both teams have a lot to do, both before the game at the end of the week and after; their schedules include a press conference at the Sydney Opera house. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy the sights of Sidney at their leisure, their itinerary including a trip to the Sydney Harbor Bridge and ferry rides.

 As much as he wants his players to focus on the upcoming game, Dykes believes that his team should take advantage of the opportunity that has been afforded them to travel to a different continent. You are there to win a game, but also a have a good time. Georgia Tech is playing Boston College on September 3rd in Ireland in another overseas college football game.

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