Best and Worst case record for Louisville football in 2016

Louisville v Purdue


Best / Worse Case Record for :

Clemson | Georgia Tech | Virginia | MiamiDuke | Boston College | Pittsburgh | Florida State | Virginia Tech | NC State | Syracuse | North Carolina | Wake Forest

Louisville football has been everything ACC has wanted. They have provided the ACC football depth the last two years and are currently the ACC program most capable of challenging Clemson and Florida State for ACC supremacy. Last year saw the Cardinals win 8 of their last 10 games including a bowl win over Texas A&M. QB Lamar Jackson looks like a future star and is already garnering darkhorse Heisman buzz.

Here’s what’s encouraging for Louisville fans and scary for the rest of the ACC, I don’t think Bobby Petrino has touched the surface of how good his offense can be. There’s plenty of talent on defense too. There is a chance that this could be a very special season in Louisville.

Will Go 11-1 (7-1) if:
Louisville finally has enough depth to finish off Clemson or Florida State in the 4th quarter. Louisville currently sits 0-4 against the Noles and Tigers, but they have been in every game. They are going to get a win over one or the other in the very near future, and if they pull it off this year it could propel the Cardinals to the playoffs. Say Louisville is 4-1 after the Clemson game with a win over FSU or Clemson, do you see another loss on the schedule other than a tricky game at Houston?

The is a team with several NFL caliber defenders, and arguably the best linebacking core in the country. Yes I said the country. I’d like to see the offensive line play more consistent than last year. If QB Lamar Jackson plays like he did towards the end of last season, Louisville will be a very difficult out.

Will Go 8-4 (5-3) if:
Louisville is not quite ready for the big time. FSU, Clemson are national championship level teams. Houston is currently the best group of 5 team in the nation. A very good Louisville team could lose to all 3. Then throw in a hiccup somewhere else, and a potentially great season turns into a just OK one.

For Louisville it’s not a matter of overall talent, or big holes on the team. The roster is dotted with future NFLers, just a notch or two below what FSU and Clemson can bring to the table, but that’s a mighty high mountain to climb. The Noles and Tigers haven’t lost to anyone in the ACC other than each other or Georgia Tech since 2012. Louisville may still be year away from contending for the ACC Atlantic Division title.

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