More Documentaries we need to see on the ACC Network.


Great idea from Doug Bowman for an article in this Virginia Tech Scout.Com piece – ACC Documentaries We Need to See.   I thought it was a very good list, and there isn’t anything I disagree with.

A few others I’d like to see.

From fighting for survival to getting an ACC Network

From the struggles of the BCS era through the Maryland departure, the ACC didn’t seem on strong footing. I’d like to the see the details how Swofford held it all together culminating in the ACC getting it’s Network, and having a GOR until 2036.

History of The ACC Basketball Tournament

So many great players, coaches and teams. Enough said

Michael Jordan

We can always see more documentaries on the greatest basketball player ever to play the game.

Tim Duncan

While we are at it, seeing documentary on this future Hall of Famer’s career would be great too.

Florida State 2013 National Championship Team

This team will one day reach legendary status I’m telling you. This was the team that destroyed the myth of the SEC, after that conference had teams that won an astonishing 7 straight national titles.

The Birth and Death “Clemsoning” 

“Clemsoning” has been dead for a number of years, but it’s birth during the Tommy Bowden era through the 2011 Orange Bowl Debacle was something Clemson became synonymous with. As Dabo Swinney put the Clemson program among the nation’s best “Clemsoning” died.

 Get to work ESPN!

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