Paul Finebaum has high praise for the ACC? What?


Mr. SEC – Paul Finebaum praised the ACC today. Let me repeat Mr. SEC – Paul Finebaum praised the ACC today.

From the Florida State 247 site…  for the entire article.

I think it’s an emerging league. It’s no longer the winner of the Clemson-Florida State game.

“I think the ACC champ can survive an early-season loss in a big-time game (and still make the Playoff).”

Here is Finebaum on twitter…

Twitter took notice too


Ok What’s going on here? Did ESPN finally catch on to the ACC’s resurgence? Is it by design that the ACC Network with ESPN is on the way that ESPN is giving some love to the ACC? A little of both?

Even if you believe in the ACC Network conspiracy, you can’t inflate the ACC without something to back it up. Clemson and Florida State are elite programs. They are 2 of the 4 best programs currently in college football. They have proven it on the field with marquee non-conference wins over the last several years. They are as good as any teams in the country.

We’ve long said here the ACC was improving league that’s gaining depth. The last 3 years there has always been at least one other ACC team besides Clemson and Florida State that won at least 10 games. It’s really too early to say if the ACC Network is playing any role in this positive spin, but if it is… is that a bad thing? I’d welcome a little ACC Bias for a a change, but you still have to give ESPN something to work with and that means Ws.

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